Thursday, October 14, 2010

Secrets of the Internet #1

The internet has many secrets, and a few of them are exposed, but not all! So today i want to show you one of the most secret "Secrets of the Internet".
What happens if you leave Youporn??

It is terrible, awful, horrifying, indescribable shockingly!
You'll forwarded to another website it is .............NOOOOOO!


And all the unsuspecting people thought wikipedia would be
so popular because they got about every shit an entry in
every fucking language! But no, thats not the case, and it feels good to tell the truth about the popularity of Wikipedia!


  1. Search Korean pizza hut commercial on Youtube, I put the highest quality vid on the blog!

  2. You were the first person in history to click it.
    It's like being the Neil Armstrong of the web. :D

  3. very bautiful man i like it very much

  4. wow i didnt know about the wikipedia thing, good info

  5. wow. Blew my mind. Who would LEAVE youporn?